Welcome Message

Dear friends,
It is our privilege to welcome you to this 290 years old historic & fabulous city of Jaipur for the “33rd National Conference of Sexology” organized by the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International (CSEPI).

Theme of the conference is “Promoting Sexual Health : Challenges and Solutions”. The sexual health has become pivotal for human health. Enormous amount of research is happening in various fields of sexuality all across the world. The above scientific organizations are striving to bring the healthy sexuality for its citizens. Our lifestyle is taking its toll, resulting new challenges in various sexual functions. With the new scientific advancements in sexual medicine there are solutions for a happy sexual life. In this conference, renowned International & national faculty will be conducting workshops/seminars. It will definitely be a good opportunity to gain from their vast experience & is the right time to find relevant solutions to transfer the scientific knowledge to the needy public.

The conference is being organized at this Pink City of India, a medical hub & the capital of Rajasthan, it is one the most attractive tourist place, has many forts, gardens, lakes from ancient times and is a part of the Golden Triangle. No other city offers a perfect blend of old world charm and new world vibrancy quite like it. The traditional local market has many attractions like Terracotta work, blue pottery, paintings, kundan, polki, silver & lak jewellary, bandheej, lehariya, kota-doria sarees / dupatta, traditional tye & dye clothing and jaipuri razaii, you name it & it is there.

Please join us to enjoy the academic feast of scientic lectures from eminent doctors and cherish our hospitality.

With warm regards,


DR. M. N. THAREJA (Organizing Chairperson)


DR. AJAY GUPTA (Organizing Chairperson)


DR. JOLLY ARORA (Organizing Secretary)

Joint Message

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the “33rd National Conference of Sexology” jointly organized by the Council of Sex Education and Parenthood International (CSEPI), Indian Andropause Society (IAS), Andrology India (AI) and Mens Health Society of India (MHSI).

The above four are a progressive group of organizations which have confronted the challenge of improving citizen’s quality of life in many respects. The quality of each person’s sexual life, better represented by the term Sexual Health, is a requisite for having a healthy life and a dignified existence. Sexology, searching for solutions for sexual problems and ways to prevent situations that deteriorate health is the best panacea for the effectiveness of the search for a better world, sexually speaking. Its tools and accumulated knowledge represent valuable contribution to create a better world.

The scientific study of sexuality has thus become imperative to promote Sexual Health. Scientific knowledge, thus gained, has to be shared with the health care fraternity so that the public will be benefited. Hence the National Conferences.

The subject of Sexual Health, unfortunately is not taught in any Medical College in India. With the result the general saying that the Physician is more ignorant than the client has become true. With the advent of paid telecasts by the quacks and advertisement by these unscrupulous persons in the media are spreading false information and creating fear among the general public. The main enemies of Sexual Health are fear and anxiety. Both of them stem from Ignorance. In the absence of availability of scientific knowledge and the prevailing misconceptions in the society, promotion of Sexual Health faces many challenges.

This conference theme Promoting Sexual Health: Challenges and Solutions will elaborate on the challenges a healthcare professional has to face while striving for promoting sexual health and the ways to overcome the obstacles.

The conference programme is designed to cater to the immediate needs of Healthcare Professionals. It will be of special interest to Family Practitioners and experts in medical, urological, andrological, gynecological, psychiatric, behavioral and social sciences. We hope that you will seize every opportunity to participate in this conference. We are confident that you will have lasting memories of the scientific participation, ambience as well as the cultural and social programmes. We welcome
you all to Jaipur, the Pink City and its rich cultural heritage.

Warm Personal regards





President – AI